Wick Architecture & Design

Pink Room


Pink Room Nightclub, situated in the historic South Beach district of Miami, is a conceptual study of the permutations of light. Hints of the building’s narrative is symbolized by go-go dancers floating inside a pink perforated room that can be glimpsed obliquely through a grid of pink dots and ‘peek-a-boo’ film on the façade’s windows. Once inside, patrons are confronted with oversized pink lips on a pixilated bronze panel. Monumental backlit images of eyes float in pink luminescent light on the main walls of the club. Hovering over the dance floor and VIP booths is a color-changing ‘LED grid,’ which is controlled by the DJ. The grid is a living organism that fluctuates with the changes in the music. The chromatic changes continue below the DJ booth at the brightly lit pixilated stage and the glowing VIP booths—bathing patrons in subdued light. In contrast, light from the restrooms—adorned with pink mosaic and tilted rose mirrors—spills into the adjacent black textured wallpaper throughout the hallway. | 4,245 SF, Miami, FL